Consignment Guidelines
  1. We accept gowns in all sizes. Email photos of your gowns to We will approve your gowns via email in 3 - 10 days. Your gowns must be less than 5 years old, have been dry-cleaned, pressed and in excellent condition.
  2. Once your gowns have been approved, make an appointment to bring them to our showroom. Appointments last approximately 15-20 minutes. You must have an appointment before coming to our showroom.
  3. Make sure your gowns have been dry-cleaned. If gowns have not been cleaned, they will be returned to you for cleaning.
  4. Only gowns that are authentic must be sent to us. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination of contract.
  5. If you have them, bring the original receipt and/or tags to better help determine a fair rental & resale price. If you do not have your receipt or tags, pricing will be researched and a consignment price determined within 48 hours. Keep in mind, the store where the gown was purchased should have a receipt on file and if you contact them they can provide a duplicate.
  6. We will inspect the gown with you during the appointment. A contract will be written and signed for your consignment. You can set your expectations for consignment pricing, but final consignment pricing is determined by Dresscodes.
  7. Your gowns will be displayed in the boutique and/or website for the next 4 to 6 months. If there are no rentals or sales during these times, we have the right to return them back to you.
  8. If any of your dresses was rented or sold, you will be sent a consignment report via email along with a bank transfer of the consignment proceeds in between the 1st - 5th of the next month. If you do not get a report from us, that means your dress has not been rented or sold the previous month.
  9. If you've been trying to sell your gown yourself on the web or by using other services you must remove it before consigning with Dresscodes.
  10. Fashion is constantly changing, unfortunately we cannot accept all gowns. No matter how beautiful the gown. Thank you for your understanding.